* Ejemplos de oraciones en Voz Pasiva

Verb Tense



PRESENT SIMPLEam/are/is + ppSpanish is spoken here.
PRESENT CONTINUOUSam/are/is being + ppYour questions are being answered.
FUTURE (WILL)will be + pp It’ll be painted by next week.
FUTURE (GOING TO)am/are/is going to be + pp Terry is going to be made redundant next year.
PAST SIMPLEwas/were + ppWe were invited to the party, but we didn’t go.
PAST CONTINUOUSwas/were being + pp The hotel room was being cleaned when we got back from shopping.
PRESENT PERFECT have/has been + pp The President of America has been shot.
PAST PERFECThad been + ppWhen he got home he found that all of his money had been stolen.
FUTURE PERFECTwill have been + pp Our baby will have been born before Christmas.


*Service can be detected and corrected
El servicio puede ser detectado y corregido

*That problems will be passed on to the customer
Esos problemas se pasarán al cliente

*The final product will have to be reworked
El producto final tendra que ser reformulado

*Can be successfully aplied to either
Puede ser exitosamente aplicado a ambos

*A cereal packaging line may be designed
Una linea de empaquetado de cereal puede ser diseñado

*More and more product will be producted
más y más producto se producira

*when an action should be taken in a process
cuando una acción debe ser tomada en un proceso

*This car was made in 1963
Este coche fue echo en 1963

*This house was built by my mother
Esta casa fue construida por mi madre

*Washington was bombed by Pakistan
Washington, fue bombardeada por el Pakistán

*German is spoken here
Aquí se habla alemán

*When was this house built?
¿Cuando se construyó esta casa?

*A lot of songs have been written about love
Una gran cantidad de canciones se han escrito sobre el amor

*The lesson was understood by Marietta.
La lección fue entendida por Marietta.

*The radio is listened by Ralph
La radio es escuchada por Ralph

*Many whales are killed daily by some criminal people
Muchas ballenas son eliminadas diariamente por algunos criminales

*The best meat will be exported towards other countries by Colombia
La mejor carne será exportada hacia otros países por Colombia

*Two fish have been eaten
Dos pescados han sido comidos

*The dresses have been bought by Elizabeth and Betty
Los vestidos han sido comprados por Isabel y Beatriz

*Her money was stolen
su dinero fue robado

*The water is heated to a temperature of from 60° to 80° C.
El agua es hervida a una temperatura de entre 60 a 80 grados.